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Our Services

We provide multiple choices of hiring options and consulting services:


Retained Search

Commitment fee paid upfront to conduct the search on an exclusive basis for customized searches. The initial payment up front to secure our recruiting team and final payment upon the candidate’s hire date.

Contingent Direct Hire

No upfront investment by your company. You can review candidate resumes and conduct interviews with no obligation. Payment is due once the presented RCC Group candidate is hired.

Interim Solutions

Needs relating to a medical leave, work overflow or a new business challenge. Can be at short or long-term durations.


Project Based Consultants

When you don’t have the bandwidth within your current team to handle special projects or address key business initiatives, bringing in a project based consultant or project team is a game changer.  Hire the expertise when you need it and achieve the desired results without adding another set of permanent hands to your team.

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